• Kanopli has been delivering high quality cannabis since 2014. Our level of professionalism combined with our focus on improving our client's quality of life is unmatched.
  • We have entered our flower and concentrate products in the Montana Providers Cup contest each year since 2018.
  • We are extremely proud of our 1st place cup for highest THC content; 1st place for People's choice flower and 1st place CBD flower.

  • Our store will always have the full lab report available for each item. This provides you with confidence in your selection.
  • We will always include terpene in all lab reports.

We are committed to educating our customers so they understand why a specific flower or product gave them the effects it did. This empowers our clients to purchase with confidence wherever their travels may take them. This terpene gives you energy? You know what to look for. This one gives you a headache? You know what to avoid. Edibles/capsules have a wide range of effects. Understanding that how the product is infused will determine the effects felt.

How we grow is different from most.

  • We built our facilities from the ground up with the intention to grow high quality cannabis. Because of this we know there is not hidden mold or other undesirables lurking in the buildings.
  • Our grow rooms are sealed to ensure no outside contaminants can infect the plants. Strict mitigation protocols are followed to ensure our staff is not introducing mites, aphids or other harmful pests into our plants.
  • All plants are grown in Deep Water hydroponics. We chose this growing medium for its consistent ability to produce flavorful flower year-round in Montana. Allowing a full week to "flush" each crop ensures a smooth flavorful experience.
  • Most cultivators "perpetually harvest" meaning they take a few plants each day or week out of the bloom room to trim. Replacing those plants from another room as soon as they can. We harvest in cycles; meaning that each crop is separate. The grow rooms are completely emptied and sanitized before another round of plants goes in. This ensures the highest quality will be produced in each round and no contaminants can be passed from crop to crop or molds or mildew to grow in the room.
  • We start all of our phenotypes from seed. This process takes 18 months to 2 years to bring a new cultivar to our market. Once we have completed the R&D process for a new plant it is made into a "mother". This mother plant will provide us with clones for years. This process provides the consumer with confidence that they will have a consistent experience. Since each crop is a genetic copy of that mother, your favorite phenotype will always be exactly what you are expecting.


  • We offer a wide variety of capsules from 5 mg and up. Our edibles are crafted from scratch in house. We do not purchase commercially manufactured candies or baked goods and spray, drop or inject them with concentrate. Capsules make a great alternative to traditional edibles. You know exactly how many mg you are consuming, ensuring a predictable experience without added sugars or fats. Many of our clients prefer the capsules and enjoy their favorite snack as the capsule takes effect.
  • How a capsule or edible is infused dramatically impacts the effects felt by the consumer.
  • Infusions with distillate or isolate typically have the least intensity in effect. Only about 30% of the population will feel anything from this type of infusion.
  • RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), FSO (Full Spectrum Oil) are the same thing. This type of infusion can make you feel euphoria, sleepy, heavy limbs and overall, very relaxed.
  • Whole plant; this can be the flower ground up or keif. This type of infusion typically produces the most sedative like affects. Those looking for help with sleep should look for capsules or edibles infused in this manner.
  • Any cannabis that is processed through your digestive tract can take up to 4 hours to feel the full affects. If it is your first time trying an item take it slow until you know how the product affects you.



  • We offer a unique way to medicate using a "Klik" device. This is a discreet way to consume cannabis. Each dose is precise so you have a predictable experience and know exactly how mamy mg of THC or CBD you are consuming. Currently available with the natural flavor of the plant or an organic cinnamon or peppermont oil can be added per your preference. The affects are typically felt within 5-20 minutes. The oil is placed under your tongue or between your cheek and jaw to allow it to absorb through the soft tissue of your mouth.


Terpenes are common constituents of flavorings and fragrances. Terpenes, unlike cannabinoids, are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. The FDA and other agencies have generally recognized terpenes as "safe." Terpenes act on receptors and neurotransmitters; they are prone to combine with or dissolve in lipids or fats; they act as serotonin uptake inhibitors (similar to antidepressants like Prozac); they enhance norepinephrine activity (similar to tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil); they increase dopamine activity; and they augment GABA (the "downer" neurotransmitter that counters glutamate, the "upper"). However, more specific research is needed for improved accuracy in describing and predicting how terpenes in cannabis can be used medicinally to help treat specific ailments / health conditions.

Here is a link to details on each terpene and what therapeutic effects have been experienced. https://www.medicaljane.com/category/cannabis-classroom/terpenes/#introduction-to-terpenes

*These will always be in our lab reports, even though not required by law.*


These are what holds the THC, CBD terpenes etc.


As science evolves so has the safety of vaporizers. 2019 brought significant awareness to the potential dangers in black market vapes and vape juice. All of the vitamin E acetate that was consumed came from non-legal sources. Be sure to purchase cannabis vaporizers from a state licensed dispensary. You should be able to see 2 separate lab reports to ensure you are getting a clean and safe product.

  • 1. The vaporizer or cart should be tested empty to ensure no heavy metals are present in the coil. Lung samples from people suffering from EVALI found heavy metal burns present similar to those you would see in an individual that has been a welder for 30+ years. There should be no heavy metals present in the lab report (not under the allowable limit). The human body has no use for lead or cadmium as these are toxic.
  • 2. A lab report for the "juice" inside the vaporizer or cart. Should show both cannabinoid content and terpene profile for a predictable experience. The ideal temperature for vaporizing cannabis is 356 degrees. If your battery has the ability to adjust the temp it is not recommended to exceed 392 degrees. Temperatures higher than this changes the chemical structure; in some studies, has been shown to be carcinogenic and cause lung damage.

The vaporizer devices we retail are all in one disposable units from Jupiter Research. The Pike device is designed specifically for cannabis. It is immediately at the ideal temp when you draw off of the device. Each vaporizer has 300 seconds of draw in it. The coil inside the devices has been sent to the lab to ensure they are 100% free of heavy metals for a safe experience. They can be recycled anywhere you recycle batteries.