Be sure to store your flower in an airtight and lightproof container. Utilize a Boveda packet if you are not going to consume the flower within 7 days. This will keep your flower at the ideal humidity for the best experience.

Use a Grinder

Grinding your cannabis before smoking or vaping it, will simply make it much easier to use. You will also find that grinding cannabis will make it easier to carry, and more enjoyable to smoke. Ground flower is typically less harsh, because it is so much more consistent. Unlike whole buds, whose shape can affect the fluidity of the smoke produced, ground cannabis will smoke cleanly and evenly

Cleaning your Eyce pipes

Remove the glass bowl and deposit silicone in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Soak the glass bowl in boiling water to loosen and remove resin build up, finish off with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining. Once resin in silicone is solid, crack over trash can to remove. A plastic drinking straw fits well into the stem of the silicone, this can also be inserted to remove resin buildup. Simply insert straw completely into the stem, rotate and remove. Alternatively unit may be soaked in rubbing alcohol, this method is more time consuming.