S.M.B. (Princess Poodle Pants)


I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-hotchkins lymphoma, I had tumors throughout my body. In my back behind my gut, even in my neck, shoulders and face. I went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy, until my kidneys were no longer functioning properly due to the medications my oncologist had prescribed. Through out this time there was no change to the size or location of my tumors. I was facing the possibility that I would be on chemo for the rest of my life. I still have nausea and pain from the chemo treatments. I decided to try medical marijuana to heal my body. The doctor I saw helped me with a regimen to wean myself off of the pain patches I had been prescribed. Emily from Kanopli got me started with capsules full of Rick Simpson oil (RSO) mid November; I could feel it taking the tumors away, I was unable to get any chemo treatments for several months due to my kidney and liver function, after taking these capsules for a few months my CT scan came back tumor free on March 28th! I am now off all my pain and nausea meds. The vaporizer helps immediately with any nausea that I feel now from the chemo. I have not found this kind of relief from the pain and nausea from any prescription from my oncologist. In fact she told me there is nothing else they can do. I also have diabetes and have suffered from nerve pain in my feet and legs, this pain is gone there as well! My sugar and my blood pressure are back to normal levels. Emily is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns you have. A great provider that is compassionate, reliable, trustworthy and caring.

In closing I can tell you it works better than a pain pill or patches, I do not intend to stop treating my medical conditions with medical cannabis. The side effects I have experienced with this treatment are very minimal compared to what I felt on the prescriptions I was on. It provides some comfort to know that cannabis medicine isn’t habit forming like the pills and patches. After a lot of prayer and thought I am so happy I chose this option to treat my cancer. The solutions offered by the oncologist didn’t work, I was tired of being told there are no other options to treat the nausea and pain I was experiencing. I feel like Emily is there to help, the aftercare from my oncologist is non-existent. I have called her to ask about the pain and nausea I am experiencing and I am told over and over to go to the ER.

If you are tired of being in the ER for hours to still get nothing accomplished or have someone telling you there are no other options give cannabis medicine a chance to help you heal. I can feel the difference in my bones, brain and muscles. I am able to do trivia again and not struggle to find an answer that I know. 

Candi Evert 12-10-2019

 I've always been aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis and was relieved how the process of obtaining a legal cannabis card lead me to Kanopli. At the medical clinic, I was given around 25 pamphlets  or menus from providers in my area.  I solely picked Kanopli based on the menu. It was very detailed with information on each product they have to offer and had a large variety of products to offer. I set up a meeting with Emily for the very next day. I was greeted by the absolute nicest, and very informative young lady who spent the next 2 hours getting every detail of my medical condition and educated me on the cbd  aspect I had no clue about. She really showed compassion and understood my wishes of what my treatment goals were. I was tired of medical doctors just wanting to prescribe painkillers and make the problem go away. I didn't want to depend on a pill to get me through my day. Emily was so supportive and caring and decided she would research what would be best for me and my condition. She did just that. She set up a plan for me on when to use what product and specifically what it would do for me. I had no idea of the true purpose of each strain or concentrate or edible. So she presented me with an incredible starter pack designed just for me and gave me a very generous amount of about a dozen different products she thought would work best for my lifestyle. She took so much into consideration and for the first time in my life, I felt listened to and validated as she was very familiar with my specific condition.  I was excited to start a real treatment plan for chronic pain and had actual hope for even a small bit of relief. It's too hard to pick the one greatest thing about Kanopli, but they only deliver. How amazing is that after years of obtaining cannabis illegally,  not only was I legal...but they deliver. Then I got to meet Heather. I think she is the main delivery person, but Emily has delivered to me also. Heather is awesome. Very down to earth and one of those rare people who makes you feel instantly at ease and comfortable. All I have to do is text in my order and if I order before 11am, I get it within a few hours. Heather let's me know exactly when she will be here once she asks me when is good for me and she is as punctual as it gets. She answers every question, sometimes more than once or twice. And she will recommend products I would never have tried but did on her advice and now I like to let her choose some of each order I place for the items she thinks I'd like or work for me. She is spot on every time. I wasn't expecting any real miracles , I just wanted any relief from relentless and overwhelming symptoms that were wearing me out for 50 years.  I followed the plan we set up and results were instant and I am not kidding. Heather asked me what I most wanted to see improve so I told her I'd like to sleep for more than an hour at a time and not in pain. The very first night I tried the bedtime recommendation and had the best sleep I can remember having my entire adult life. Now, here it is almost 6 months later and I am sleeping regularly and for much longer and pain free time than I could ever believe was possible for me. I had an appetite for the first time in 12 years. My stress level that was off the charts isn't existent anymore and the bonus I never entertained a thought of, is my heavy cigarette consumption of over 40 years has been cut in half or better.  The best benefit I never asked for nor did I think was an option, is that I no longer take any painkillers whatsoever.  You can not put a price on that. Kanopli has extended my life by years from the bonus effects like the ones I've experienced. That's a pretty major benefit that can't be ignored. Who knows what your personal experience will be with Kanopli. You can decide what the greatest thing is about Kanopli, but for me, the products speak for themselves, the people who are Kanopli are what make it the best for me. The prices are affordable and very reasonable and they take great care to be professional as well as kind and put caregiving on a whole new level that is apparent from the first meeting. I can honestly say Kanopli has changed my life for the better in more ways than I knew I even needed. I trust the people and anyone who wants a true caregiver will too. They aren't out to get all my money or sell me things I don't want or like. In fact, Heather has said if ever I didn't like something, we would trade it for a more preferable choice. So far I haven't had to use that offer because all their products are top notch effective and just really great. Not only did I want to let them know how much they matter and how my quality of every day life has improved leaps and bounds past my goals, but I wanted to let people like me know what can happen with the right caregiver and the right medicine. Its life changing and I can not thank them enough or recommend them in any higher regard.  Kanopli cares and will take care of you. I hope they can realize the incredible positive effects and the  hope  I now have for a future to be able to manage a condition I believed was totally unmanageable. Thank you Emily and Heather so much. I will support you and your business and let people know how awesome you guys are.