High quality flower; you can see the trichome production is all the way through the flower. Not just a small "frosting" on the outside of the flower.

Allowing the plant to produce its natural accompaniment of phytochemicals yields beautiful flowers like our Wedding Cake (also known as Pink Cookies)

Our grow rooms have been built from the ground up to ensure a clean environment; we do not perpetually harvest allowing us to fully break down each grow room in between cycles and sanitize it before the next crop goes in. Producing clean and consistent flower year after year.

Currently our adult use sales are limited to pick-up only. We are working with our legislature and the DOR to allow this service in the near future.

Curbside orders are generally ready for pick-up within 10 minutes.

You must have a government issued ID in your possession to complete the purchase.

We have won multiple cups in the Montana Providers Cup contest each year since we entered the first time in 2018. 1st place for highest THC, 1st place for People's choice flower and 1st place for CBD flower. Multiple 2nd and 3rd place cups for other flowers and concentrates.

Our staff is well trained and educated on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the effects that different flower or infused products will provide. We are happy to match you up with the product that will provide the experience you are looking for. Whether it is a quite summer day fishing, an outdoor concert or a quiet day at home to relax.