We are a locally owned and operated business since 2014. Providing award-winning high-quality cannabis products to our fellow Montanans to help improve their quality of life.

After a severe car accident in 2009 James had an emergency spinal fusion. He went through the process to obtain his medical card to treat the severe chronic nerve pain he experienced daily from the spinal cord injury. After seeing a lack of professionalism in the marketplace when purchasing his medicine, we knew we could do better. And that we are not alone in the desire for a consistent clean product and a knowledgeable staff.

Our facilities have been built specifically for growing medical grade cannabis. Ensuring a clean environment, not using pesticides, growth hormones or plant hardeners. You won't experience the harsh taste or "soapy" flavor that is associated with using these types or products when growing.
We do not perpetually harvest, instead using cycles allows us to sanitize each grow room in between crops to produce the high-quality flower our customers are looking for.

We sponsor the MT Hemp and Cannabis Festival each year, some of the photos are from the event. This event is where the awards are announced for the providers cup contest.

The festival motto is "With the landscape of the Montana cannabis industry changing often, our aim with festival, as well as this group, is to provide a place to collaborate, celebrate and educate about the benefits of this miraculous plant, and resources for enjoying its use lawfully and responsibly. Collaboration and Unity is the key!"